Land Parcel in Munandaini area, Juja Farm.

Munandaini area, Juja Farm, Juja Kiambu County

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The property is situated in Munandaini area, Juja Farm, Juja Kiambu County. The parcel measures 0.08 ha/0.198 acres approximately. It is developed with a single-storey block of 7 No. Halls. GPS coordinates 1°10’53.5″S 37°06’27.3″E price 3M


The property is on a freehold interest (no land rent) while details of land rates were not readily available.

The land parcel measures approximately, (0.0800 HA, approximately 0.198 Acres).
Mains electricity and water are connected to the property. Foul drainage is to a pit latrine. The immediate access road is earthen joining a murram laid roundabout 220 meters which joins the tar-surfaced Juja – Juja Farm
road a further 2.9 kilometers away.

  • Published: June 14, 2023

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